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Queen Ants for Sale

Queen Ants for Sale in Australia

Looking for queen ants for sale to add to your collection?

Ants Online offers queen ants for sale from ant-keepers around Australia.

We are Australia’s largest online marketplace for queen ant sales, where anyone can freely buy and sell queen ants to other enthusiasts.

Simply browse our collection of queen ant listings, choose the ideal queen or colony for your needs, and contact the seller to arrange purchase.

Queen ants can be sent in the mail via express post, or many sellers will offer local pickup if you live in the same area.

Why Choose Ants Online to Buy Queen Ants?

There are a lot of great reasons to choose Ants Online for buying queen ants:

  • Largest collection of queen ants for sale in Australia
  • Buy a single queen ant or an entire colony!
  • Experienced ant-keepers to help you with your purchase
  • Buy ant-keeping equipment and accessories direct from makers and distributors
  • Because you’re buying direct from the seller, you save money

How to Choose a Queen Ant

There are a few things to take into account when choosing which queen ant is right for you:

How much space do you have available?

While most queen ants will happily start their colonies in a test tube in a drawer, some genera such as Myrmecia (bull ants) and Rhytidoponera require space to forage. You also need to consider what will happen when your colonies outgrow their test tubes and require outworlds and nests. This is especially of concern with fast-growing species such as Iridomyrmex bicknelli.

How experienced are you with ant-keeping?

There are some very good beginner genera of ants such as Camponotus and Pheidole, but some other species such as Myrmecia require more care and attention as they are more sensitive, not to mention they can give their keeper a nasty sting if proper care is not taken!

How much time do you have to care for your ants?

A lone queen ant doesn’t require much care, but as you add more queen ants and colonies to your collection, the time required to feed and clean up after your ants increases. This can become a chore for many people who expand their ant collections too quickly.

What is your budget?

There are some great cheaper species such as Iridomyrmex bicknelli, but certain species can cost hundreds of dollars to purchase. The more developed a colony is, the more it will cost. There’s also the cost of food to consider. Many colonies will only accept freshly killed (or even live) invertebrates, so you may need to purchase crickets or other fresh food for your ants.

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