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How it Works

Ants Online is a free-to-use Australian website for ant-related classified ads. You can list ants or ant-keeping equipment for sale anywhere in Australia, for delivery via post or local pickup.

You can make unlimited basic listings for free. Each listing will last 60 days unless you mark the item as sold or remove the listing. You can repost the listing at the end of the 60 days.

We may introduce “featured” type listings in the future, which will be given more prominence than basic listings.

Posting Rules

  • No invasive/exotic species (see this list for examples).
  • No selling ants to individuals outside Australia without the appropriate permits.
  • Ants must be shipped via Express Post at the beginning of the week.
  • You buy/sell on Ants Online at your own risk. No guarantees are offered by the site for either party.
  • Ants Online reserves the right to share listings (including photos) on external websites such as social media sites for the purpose of promoting the listing/s and the website itself.
  • Ants Online reserves the right to remove any listings deemed to be inappropriate, offensive, or illegal.
  • Any breaches of these rules may result in listings being removed and accounts being deleted.


What happens if something goes wrong with my purchase/sale

Ants Online provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect. We do not take any responsibility or offer any warranties as to the conduct of either party. It is up to the buyer and seller to agree on terms of purchase such as who will be responsible if ants don’t arrive safely. There is a rating system on our website so we encourage users to rate sellers so others can see they are a trusted seller. If you have an issue with another use, please contact us so we can try to help.

I don’t want people calling me, do I have to list my number?

No, you are welcome to only be contacted via the website. Users will not see your email address and you can respond to messages via your dashboard. If you do choose to list your phone number, only registered/logged in users can view the number.

Can ants be listed for sale to/from WA and Tasmania?

Because sellers can list items for local pickup and postage within their own states, it’s fine to list ants for sale on our site within Tasmania or WA. It is up to users to ensure they are not breaking any laws with their conduct.

Can I share the link to my listing on other sites, such as social media?

Yes! Simply copy/paste the URL or use the share buttons at the bottom of the listing. Depending on where you’re sharing it, there should be a preview of your listing with the main photo and an excerpt of the description.

My species is not listed under the categories for sale!

We have done our best to list as many species as we can, but there may be some we’ve missed. You can either list your ant/s under “Other Genus – Other Species” or send us a message letting us know what species you’d like added and we’ll put it on the list.

How do I pay (or receive payment) for my ant/s?

This is between the buyer and the seller to sort out privately. Most sellers will provide Paypal as their preferred payment option, and will require payment in full (including postage) before shipping ants, but you are free to negotiate any terms or payment methods that suit both parties.

Can I create saved searches or alerts for when a genus/species I am interested in gets listed?

We’re working on this functionality and lots more updates to make our site as user-friendly and helpful as possible. Anyone who has created a free account will get a daily summary of new listings, so you’ll get to see what ants are available the same day they get listed on our site.

I am not in Australia, can I still use your site?

At this stage we only have Australian ant species listed so cannot cater to international users at this time. As per our listing rules above, it is against the rules for users to sell ants to overseas buyers without appropriate permits.