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  • Ytong Nests
  • Ytong Nests


Price : $35
Date Listed : November 9, 2019
Postage Options : Australia Post
Location : McCrae VIC, Australia

Hand crafted Ytong nests in five sizes ( with 5 colour choices ) :

The most functional nests around, and can be custom built to your specific needs.

Founding 100mm x 75mm $35.  Red clear acrylic with hydration holes, and to fit over bolts – Founding Plus $3

Small 100mm x 100mm $40.                                                                                                     Small Plus $4

Medium 125mm x 100mm $45                                                                                                   Medium Plus $5

Large 200mm x 150mm $ 80                                                                                                       Large Plus $8

Extra Large 250mm x 200mm $130                                                                                             X Large Plus $12

Bargain Starter Packages Includes – Hydrating Syringe, Tweezers, Joiners, 5 Test Tubes and Red Clear cover :

With Founding Nest $45 total package

With Small Nest $51 total package

With Medium Nest $58 total package

These nests are for those who want the advantages of Ytong but don’t have the inclination or time to source all the materials or perform the hours of labour involved.

The Many Advantages of Ytong Nests:

Ytong is AAC ( Autoclaved Airated Concrete ) which is made from all non toxic, mold resistant, natural materials with humidity retentive, thermal insulating properties, exactly what ants have in their natural underground environment. It is also far better than plastics for ants to grip and to spin cocoons. Many experts say Ytong are the best manufactured nests available

NOTE: These nests are hand crafted and painted with 2 coats of non toxic acrylic paint which assists its natural properties. They are not laser cut to precise measurements, so there may be imperfections which will not deter from functionality. The tunnels intentionally remain rough and vary in depth. The standard nests are made to accommodate small and medium sized ants, but can be produced to suite any specific size ants.

ALSO: I know you can require quite a few nests, one ant keeper already has 10 in varying sizes. I will arrange very special prices for multiple purchases.

PLUS: I have the best deal on the best quality test tubes anywhere.

For More Information Contact : Wayne Osborne 0409 636 135 or Email: [email protected]

Rating & Reviews - (5.0)

Will Starr
  • November 10, 2019

I have used 6 of Wayne’s Ytong nests, they are awesome, my ants love them. I moved a Colony of near extinct banded sugar ants from a plastic ant jungle and ant mine set up into a medium size Ytong nest and outworld. The ants settled in immediately and are now thriving. My M forficata and simillima are also laying a bunch of eggs. I hydrate a different side every few days through the drilled red clears so as not to disturb my queens. Brilliant nests, definitely 5 star!!!

November 11, 2019 Wayne Osborne says :

Thanks Will, The secret to successfully keeping and breeding Birds, Fish Ants, whatever , is to provide them with a familiar, comfortable environment. I firmly believe hand crafted Ytong nests are the best nests for ants, as you have already discovered. Wayne

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