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Myrmecia sp. (Other Species)

trading myrmecia queens with brood

  • trading myrmecia queens with brood


Price : $0
Date Listed : October 26, 2020
Postage Options : Local Pick Up
Colony Size : Queen with Eggs/Brood
Location : Epping NSW, Australia

I’m looking to trade for a bull ant queen with brood, but only small species and not nigrocincta. something like pilosula or fulvipes.

I can trade

  • – six queen plus  colony of tetramourium splendidior with aroung 30 workers and lots of brood
  • -colony of a small rhytidoponera with a black colouring, lots of brood, 20+ workers
  • – camponotus intrepidus queen with eggs
  • -pheidole colony with 2 queens, a few workers and a major
  • -iridomyrmex queen with lots of brood