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springtail starter cultures!

  • springtail starter cultures!


Price : $10(Negotiable)
Type : Local Pickup Only
Date Listed : April 9, 2021
Location : riverstone nsw

Springtails are detritivores that eat decaying material and waste. Their name comes from the way they can spring into the air when startled. They can be used in formicaria, and terrariums as long as it is kept moist. Springtails thrive especially well in plaster nests. Springtails will eat decaying matter in the nest, such as leftover food, feces, and mould. They help keep your nests clean and are harmless to the ants. I am selling small starter cultures, with about twenty to fifty springtails in each. They will be housed in small containers with wood, and water. All you have to do is move them into larger cultures as they breed.

how to make a springtail culture

All you need to make a culture is a small plastic container, like a deli cup, wood (or charcoal) and water. The wood has to be in small pieces. fill the container halfway with wood. Then you pour water into the container until the water line is about a quarter of the wood level. you don’t need ventilation holes if you open the container daily to let in the fresh air. If you want, you can drill some holes in the lid and stuff them with cotton, so you don’t have to let in oxygen daily. 

how to feed springtails

All you have to do to feed springtails is to drop in a few grains of rice. How much rice you put in will depend on the size of your culture. For water, just make sure it stays at the level mentioned above.

how to transfer springtails into a new culture, formicarium, or terrarium

One method of moving springtails into a new location is by swilling the water around and pouring it onto the new location. springtails will float, and the water will carry them into the new location.

local pickup only

I can make different size cultures on request.

additional info:

please contact me via ants online rather than by phone

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