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Camponotus consobrinus

Selling entire collection – 3 large colonies plus equipment (see video)

  • Selling entire collection – 3 large colonies plus equipment (see video)


Price : $400
Date Listed : February 3, 2020
Colony Size : Established Colony with 10+ Workers
Location : Selby VIC, Australia

Check out video to see the colonies and equipment for sale:

I simply don’t have time to look after these ants properly so am letting them go to a new home. 

Colonies include:

  • C Consobrinus with 3 majors and 20+ regular workers. 
  • R Metallica with unknown amount of workers (probably 30+)
  • Crematogaster S with hundreds of workers. 
  • Several queen ants in test tubes with eggs and a couple with nanitics
  • Quite a few formicariums and outworlds included as shown in video. 
  • Cricket enclosure for storing your feeder crickets

Also some stuff I didn’t put in the video such as a box of several hundred test tubes and some feeding trays, 3d printed drinking trays, etc. 

All equipment purchased from Ant Keeping Depot and Ants Everything. Colonies purchased via Ants & Ant Keeping Discord server, and the C Cons colony with formicarium originally purchased from Hailes Aquariums. Test tube ants collected in our local area. 

All nests and outworlds etc are included in the sale. Price negotiable. 

Located in Selby, Melbourne (near Belgrave). Prefer not to split it up. 

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