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  • Myrmecia simillima colony
  • Myrmecia simillima colony
  • Myrmecia simillima colony


Price : $700
Date Listed : August 3, 2022
Postage Options : Australia Post
Colony Size : Established Colony with 10+ Workers
Location : Maitland NSW

Myrmecia simillima colony with brood in an AAC holding cell. The holding cell can function as a formicarium and can be used for years to come, however it is not sealed (which means it needs more frequent hydration and for it to have something like a wire rack placed underneath it for ventilation otherwise it will get mould) and it isn’t very pretty. Ants are light-trained and do not need a cover. 

Hunter Valley Ants specialised in the legal and ethical removal of Myrmecia colonies that would otherwise be destroyed via poisons or land disturbances.