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Myrmecia pyriformis

Myrmecia Pyriformis Colony

  • Myrmecia Pyriformis Colony


Price : $400
Date Listed : November 23, 2021
Postage Options : Local Pick Up
Colony Size : Established Colony with 10+ Workers
Location : Illawarra NSW

Myrmecia Pyriformis colony with approximately 60 adults including Queen, 25 pupae, approximately 30 larvae and 40 eggs. Included are Ausants y tong nests one large and one small as well as outworld and red light shields.

I have slowly acclimated these usually nocturnal ants to be very active during the day, they don’t stress out at being viewed and readily take live crickets back to the young, once the cricket is dead of course. Photos are now a bit old the colony has grown heaps photos were when colony was about 40 strong,