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Myrmecia forficata

Myrmecia Forficata and Nigrocincta Colonies and Queens For Sale


Price : $50
Date Listed : December 2, 2021
Postage Options : Australia Post, Local Pick Up
Colony Size : Queen with Workers
Location : Killarney Heights

Hello, I’m downsizing my Myrmecia collection over these holidays as I’m going to be away. I have a few Forficata and Nigrocincta queen and colonies for sale:

Forficata colony with 1 worker and larvae $180

Forficata queen with 4 pupae $160

Forficata queen with 2 pupae $140

Forficata with eggs $90

Nigrocincta with 4 workers and 12 larvae $130

Nigrocincta with 2 workers and 10 larvae $120

Nigrocincta with 2 workers and 8 larvae $120

Nigrocincta with larvae $70

Nigrocincta with eggs $60

Feel free to ask or inquire

Please message/contact me on my instagram (@moslty_myrmecia) if you can as the messaging interface on this site is not ideal and I’ll also respond quicker on ig. I could also send you photos of each specific colony/queen so you know exactly what you’re buying

If you can’t contact me on instagram it’s okay, we can message on this site no hassle

$15 Express shipping within Australia